League of Berserk


Create your character and fight against tons of enemies


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League of Berserk is a combination of an RPG and a fighting game where you can create your own character and face tons of enemies, including other players' characters. The combat system is simple: your hero automatically attacks, but you can activate skills and use potions when the timing's right.

When you win combats, you'll earn experience and money. With the experience, you can level up and improve all of your character's attributes (strength, agility, luck, build). With the money, on the other hand, you can buy better weapons, shields, armor, etc.

Although the battles may not appear to involve much strategy at first, they really do. From the selection of your weapons and armor, to the moment you use your potions, every decision you make affects how each combat turns out. It's especially important to figure out the best times to use the potions, for example.

League of Berserk is an action RPG that offers some pretty good graphics, tons of challenges, dozens of types of characters to unlock, and a really interesting adventure mode.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher